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Sonor snare drum D426 “King of Snares” 1960s

Sonor snare drum D426 “King of Snares” 1960s

SONOR “King of Snares” D426 1960’s metal snare drum Sonor branded the D426 as the “King of Snares” with good reason. At the time it was their top-of-the-range snare. It was $140 in 1965! Looking at the internal damper design, this was probably from 1969. However, the fact that it has the extra badge stating “Made in Western Germany” would seem to date it in the mid 1960’s. Sonor also catalogued the D426 as the “Deluxe Chrome snare drum”. They never seemed to make any mention of what the metal is. Opinion is divided between Brass and Ferro Manganese. It’s heavy, so I’d hazard a guess that it’s Chrome over Brass. Either way, it’s a superb drum and is almost free of pitting. The snare holders are not the original ones. They tended to break. Please look at the images. They function well and are very adjustable. The damping mechanism is original. Compared to other snares, it’s complicated but very effective. This snare needs new damping pads. They’re currently missing. The heads are OK. Top is a used Remo Batter Weather King. Underside is also used and has a very small tear near the edge. Some of the lugs & fasteners have a little pitting. The hoops and the shell are in very good condition with very few marks. The Sonor D426 “King of Snares” was certainly built to last. This one is in very good condition and you don’t see them for sale very often. Probably because the owners want to keep them as they work so well. It would grace a collection, but would be a great addition to a 1960’s drum kit. I’ve priced it sensibly. The last one I saw for sale was about £600 and that had more pitting to the hoops and the shell.

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