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Sadao Yairi Soloist vintage classical guitar handmade in Japan 1968

Sadao Yairi Soloist vintage classical guitar handmade in Japan 1968

Sadao Yairi Soloist vintage classical guitar handmade in Japan 1968 This handmade classical guitar is one of those little gems that have remained hidden for too long. It sound fantastic. I’ve had several models produced by Sadao Yairi. All of them never failed to impress with a lovely tone. These S.Yairi classicals are now starting to be justifiably appreciated. He made good guitars under many names: Sada, S. Yairi, Sadao Yairi, Yairri Gakki. He made the “Artiste”, “Soloist”, “Classic” and the “Concert”. This particular model was made by Yairi for B & M of London. The instrument produces a rich tone. It has a spruce top, and has what appears to be Mahogany laminate back and sides. Sadao Yairi used the better laminate construction method of using three layers of tone woods. The idea was to increase strength but without sacrificing tone quality. The body has plenty of marks on it. These are all obvious in the images. The solid spruce top is structurally sound although there is a very slight split in the Spruce in the upper bout about 1cm from the neck. It runs from the top and stretches for about 5cm. It is stable. I’ve pressed around it and there’s no movement. It may be a lacquer split. Either way, it doesn’t affect the tone and shows no sign of increasing. It’s clear this is a beautifully made instrument. Even the top purfling is well matched and all intact. The Rosewood fingerboard (with nickel frets) is in very good shape. There are some very small marks on the back of the neck, where it has possibly been rested against something. The neck is pretty straight. To the naked eye, there’s hardly any warp at the headstock end. The action is very good, at around 2.5/3mm. The sides and back of the body have a few very minor marks and scratches. I’ve shown the major scratches in an image. The neck heel also has some wear as shown. The tuners are all original and work well. 25 ½” scale length, 49mm at the nut, 60mm at 12th fret. If you like quality guitars, but don’t want to pay for a 10/10 condition one, then this is a great buy. You can’t far wrong buy owning this Sadao Yairi Soloist vintage classical guitar

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