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Hofner Club 40 from 1960 in good original condition cw hard case

Hofner Club 40 from 1960 in good original condition cw hard case

Hofner Club 40 from 1960 in good original condition cw hard case Will consider PART EXCHANGE for another guitar. Hofner Club guitars were sold in the UK by Selmer. This Hofner Club 40 is one of 3 in my collection. The others are a Club 50 and a Club 60. They are all going to be sold. Selmer started to sell the Hofner Club range in 1956. They were loosely modelled on the Gibson Les Paul and they were instantly popular. Many of the well-known stars of the 60’s played a Hofner Club at some point. Their physical size, with a short scale, and relatively simple (but advanced) electronics made them an easy choice. Today, they are played, but are mostly collected. This one could do with a neck re-set if you’re going to play it. I’ve taken the cost of this into account with my asking price. Good Hofner Club 40’s sell for between £1250 and £1850. It all works well and sounds great. This guitar retains many of the original parts including the tortoise shell scratch plate and the Hofner Toaster pickup. Condition: Overall, this is a good working guitar from 1960. The action is a little on the high side at around 4.5mm but this is more than accounted for in the price. Some of the original paint is missing from the back and sides of the headstock, together with the left side of the lower bout and the bottom of the guitar. The front and the back of the body are in good shape with a few scratches and notably where someone has lightly scratched their initials (on the back lower bout) This is a 1960 Club 40, which is the year that they introduced the truss rod. On this guitar, the truss rod cover is missing, but easily replaced. It has the correct Hofner nut. The frets are in good shape and the Rosewood fingerboard is in very good condition. This Hofner Club 40 is still fitted with the original period Club 40 toaster pickup and tailpiece. It also still has its original tortoise shell scratch plate and control panel. Unusually it also retains the little leather end strap tab. These are expensive to replace. The electrics work well and (even though the action is high by modern standards) it’s still a lovely little player. The output on the "rhythm" setting is, as you find in many early '60's guitars, very low. This guitar will be supplied in a modern hard case.

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