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Burns Sonic electric guitar Early 1960s British vintage solid body

Burns Sonic electric guitar Early 1960s British vintage solid body

Very early 1960s Burns Sonic electric guitar with original tremolo Will consider part exchange This 1960’s vintage English-made guitar may be small in size but it makes up for that in volume. The original dual Tri-Sonic pickups produce that all-familiar 60’s vibe. These pickups are still used on the Brian May Red Special guitars. This guitar oozes vintage. When you play this thing through something like an old Vox or even my Selmer TV15 it produces a bright and jangly sound without being thin. The vibrato system may be simple, but it’s very effective. In fact, the tremolo arm is stamped with “Pat APP” giving clear indication of this being a very early Burns Sonic electric guitar. Potentially, this makes it one of the first 100 built. I’m sure there are plenty of Burns fans out there who will have something to say on this, but you get the idea. It’s an early one! The neck doesn’t have a truss rod, but as it was made from hardwood, it has survived well for 50+ years. The back of the neck is in good condition for the age. The original Van Ghent machine heads still function well and it retains the original cream tuning buttons. One Van Ghent cover is missing. It has Volume and Tone controls with rhythm/ solo switch together with a 3-way selector. So, you’ve got plenty of tonal choice. This Burns Sonic electric guitar is much cheaper than it ought to be. They normally fetch between £895 and £750 depending on originality. This one has all the right parts but someone has repainted it and they’ve stripped the finger board of any patina. I had planned to restore it to its former glory but I have too many projects, so it has to go. (Please don’t bother hitting me with a low offer, I will just ignore it. This is well worth the money). The colour is brighter red than it ought to be. The back of the neck should be black. The action is very good and it retains the original aluminium bridge (which is correct if the Vibrato is attached). Selling as a working guitar with cosmetic changes from the original.

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