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1967 Vintage Vox Apollo V266 in Wine Red, made in Italy

1967 Vintage Vox Apollo V266 in Wine Red, made in Italy

1967 Vintage Vox Apollo V266 in Wine Red, made in Italy These Vox Apollo’s are rarely available for sale. If they come up, they are usually well in excess of £1,200. Even then, the clever electrics don’t always work. “Why is this one so cheap then?” I’ve put a 9V battery in it and plugged it in. It works! It’s got some clever electronics and most of it seems to work. I say “most of it” as it all appears to work but there’s some sort of copper winding that has come loose. It must make something work but the following do actually work:
  • E-Tuner, ON-OFF
  • Treble/ Bass Booster, ON-OFF
  • Treble/ Bass Control knob (works after a fashion)
  • Distortion Switch. ON-OFF (very cool sound)
  • Distortion Control knob (yes it works)
  • Volume and Tone. They both seem to work too.
The neck is in very good shape. They were well designed. This is the Italian built version, so it has extra strengthening along the length of the neck, together with an adjustable truss rod. The tuners are the original enclosed VOX tuners and they all work well. The headstock still shows the VOX logo and has the correct “Made in Italy by Vox” on the back. The Rosewood fingerboard has Mother of Pearl block inlays. Both are in good order. The action is lovely and low with plenty of room for adjustment on the bridge. The pickup is original and has the wbw surround top match the original scratch plate. The coil surround has one crack in it. The original tailpiece has some pitting but all of the brass lettering is still attached and in good condition. The body has suffered some damage. The front has a few lacquer cracks, which I understand is normal for the Italian made versions. The sides are in good order and apart from one area the binding is all good. The area just above the jack plug is damaged and has been repaired. If I was keeping this guitar, I would have someone repair this properly. This Vox Apollo retains 3 of its original 4 control knobs. It also retains the original stainless steel control plate. On the back, there is more lacquer cracking but it is structurally sound. I’m offering this guitar cheap because it is damaged. It may also need work on the electrics despite most of it working correctly.

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