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A range of vintage amps & Speaker cabinets available

A range of vintage amps & Speaker cabinets available

I’m having a clear out.

These vintage amps & speaker cabinets are all available. They won’t be expensive, but please contact me for a price and availability.

I have more. So, if you’re after a specific amp, amp head unit or speaker cabinet just let me know.

Some of my vintage valve amps are currently at the specialists, being fettled. I haven’t advertised them yet. Here’s an example. I have a 1969/70 Impact by Status 60 head unit. The model number is 1015. If you’d rather buy it before the repairs, it can be made available.

Here’s the current items available:

  1. vintage-trace-elliot-2x10-bass-guitar-cabinet-2x-100w-celestion-spkrs-b vintage-trace-elliot-2x10-bass-guitar-cabinet-2x-100w-celestion-spkrs-c vintage-trace-elliot-2x10-bass-guitar-cabinet-2x-100w-celestion-spkrs-aVintage Trace Elliot Model 2103H Bass speaker cabinet with 2 x 10” speakers (total 200W). This cabinet comes with a horn, but no leads other than a power lead.
  2. mackie-srm-450-active-speaker-amackie-srm-450-active-speaker-c mackie-srm-450-active-speaker-bMackie Active Speaker SRM450. This is a very powerful professional speaker that can be pole-mounted. It will only be supplied with a power lead.
  3. laney-kb-50b-bass-amp-alaney-kb-50b-bass-amp-bLaney KB-50B Bass amp with soft cover. This amp is in very good condition. It came from a customer’s house and has never been gigged. (The cover is £39 new). These amps don’t come up for sale very often.
  4. laney-mighty-50-vintage-amp-b laney-mighty-50-vintage-amp-aVintage Laney “Mighty Fifty” amp. A lovely little vintage amp.
  5. celestion-speaker-cabinet-with-2x-vintage-celestion-30w-speakers-c celestion-speaker-cabinet-with-2x-vintage-celestion-30w-speakers-b celestion-speaker-cabinet-with-2x-vintage-celestion-30w-speakers-aCelestion Speakers in an original Celestion Cabinet. The cabinet is broken at the top, but can be fixed. The speakers are fairly rare and used in Marshall cabinets.
  6. kay-sound-fashion-vintage-amp-aVintage Kay Sound Fashion amp. It’s a nice little Solid State amp with a single speaker.

More vintage amps & speaker cabinets to come



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