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Vintage Harmony archtop guitar with good action & harmonics

Vintage Harmony archtop guitar with good action & harmonics

1930s/40’s Vintage Harmony archtop guitar with good action & harmonics This 1930’s/40’s f-hole Vintage Harmony archtop guitar is a lovely thing. It sounds great and has that “lived-in” feeling. You know it’s had a good life when there are a few nicks here and there but nothing that affects the sound. Normally, “a few nicks” can range from “it really does only have a few marks” to… “It’s a nightmare with splits all over the place”. This Harmony archtop only has one tiny split in the front top shoulder where someone has filled the original hole made by the scratch plate, with a large screw. This guitar is not supplied with a scratch plate. The pressed top is actually in good condition, with a little re-shaping where the floating bridge is. When I got the guitar, it was supplied with a jazz-style adjustable bridge which had been snapped in two! Having researched these early f-hole Harmony’s, some came with a fixed bridge, so that’s what has been fitted now. The action is amazing. I have measured at the 12th and the 5th/6th frets. They are both around 2.5mm. The headstock is nice and original, with the Harmony logo painted on. The fret markers are also painted on. This is indicative of early Harmony’s from the lower price range. They even painted the top edge to look like a binding. The neck has the V-shape and shows some play wear to the simple finger board. The tuners are original and work well, despite one of the top ones being a little bent. The original oval tuner buttons are retained. This is a simple guitar but it oozes character and plays very nicely. I love it and I’m not really sure I want to sell it. It would suit someone looking for “that jazz sound”. If you’re looking for a model number, the original label either reads “4150” or “1150”. If you look up 1150, you’ll see that it refers to a small-bodied Harmony. If you look up 4150, there doesn’t appear to be any information on this model. The label is genuine, so I guess this is an unusual vintage Harmony archtop guitar.

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