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Vintage Framus upright electric bass 4/60 Triumph Bean pole

Vintage Framus upright electric bass 4/60 Triumph Bean pole

Vintage Framus upright electric bass 4/60 Triumph Bean pole This Framus upright electric bass was built around the late 1950’s / early 1960’s. It is a single pickup version with a large bridge cover. Later ones lost the bridge cover altogether and had two pickups. The Framus Triumph bass (or “Bean pole” as it was affectionately known) is officially designated the model number: 4/60. It was introduced in 1953. This particular model is from that early period. The very early ones only had adjustment for 2 poles on the pickups. This quickly changed to the version that you see here. After 1960, they were changed again. They are made with solid Maple, with a single passive volume control knob on the side of the large bridge cover. The electric circuitry is inside the body. This one has an ebony finish to the fingerboard. They use standard steel strings and the scale length of a full size standard double bass. The correct height is gained with the aid of a spike. With this particular model, it has been replaced. Condition: Overall very good. Importantly, the neck is in very good shape. There’s a small amount of bow but nothing serious. It plays very nicely. There is a small chip out of the back of the headstock (see the images). Close to the chip, there is a crack repair but it’s all solid. The tuners are original and all work well. The top of the headstock (where the logo is) is in very good condition. The back of the neck has play wear to the gold gilt. There are some very minor marks on the back of the body. The pickup, bridge, bridge cover and control knob are all original and the electric all work correctly. It produces a deep growl. This Framus upright electric bass is an extremely rare electric double bass. It’s in good condition and deserves to be played and showed off! Note: The boxes and amplifier in the images are not included in the sale

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