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Tokai Goldstar Sound TST Strat 1980s Metallic Cherry Red MIJ

Tokai Goldstar Sound TST Strat 1980s Metallic Cherry Red MIJ

Tokai Goldstar Sound TST Strat 1980s Metallic Cherry Red MIJ This is a lovely guitar, made in the 1980’s when Fender USA weren’t at their peak when it comes to quality. The predominant opinion is that the Tokai Goldstar Sound beat the Fender Stratocaster for quality and sound at that time. Before I get a volley of emails from enthusiastic Tokai collectors, please note that I have not stated whether it is a TST-50/55/60 or a TST-40. I will leave you to debate / decide which model it is. It seems even the most avid collectors cannot agree on the differences. So, here are the facts for the guitar as it doesn’t have a headstock logo. Presumably someone once tried to pass it off as a Fender Strat as the saddles are stamped FENDER. It has a smooth Maple neck with a very good Rosewood fingerboard. The frets are in good condition. The headstock is also in good condition and the original tuners all work. It has a neck-end truss rod  and pearloid dot markers. The Metallic Red Alder body has a few very light scratches here and there. There are no nasty chips or dings. There is a very small amount of buckle rash which hasn’t penetrated the colour. One of the control knobs has been replaced, but the other two appear original. The W-B-W 3-layer pick guard is original. Now to the bit that really matters… The pots appear to be original. The 3 pickups are stamped with a “U”. There are some typical Tokai markings in the cavity, neck pocket and on the end of the neck. In particular, the main cavity has “5=12MR Z”. These markings, and ones that are very similar, are found on Tokai Goldstar Sound strat’s. Please ask for images. I am happy to provide them. It sounds great. It looks great and is ready to be used. It’s got a good low action. I will supply this Tokai Goldstar Sound strat with a used hard case from the period.

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