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Rex Aragon 1930s vintage archtop guitar

Rex Aragon 1930s vintage archtop guitar

Rex Aragon 1930s vintage archtop guitar There has been a lot of debate over the guitar brand “Rex Aragon”. At some point Gretsch, Kay and Harmony have had a stake in it. In the 1920’s and 30’s Gretsch marketed a line of acoustic guitars and banjos as Rex. In the 1940’s they sold Rex guitars (probably made by Kay). These were mostly archtops with the names “Lancer”, “Royal” and “Aragon”. However, I believe this Rex Aragon 1930s vintage archtop is actually a Harmony brand. They also adopted the Rex brand in the 1930’s and 40’s. Whoever made it knew what they were doing. It’s loud and punchy with a lovely seasoned tone. It comes with the original pick guard, bridge, tailpiece and tuners. The neck is in great shape with a very modest bow but the action is still only just a shade over 3.5mm. As you can see, it’s been played that much that the painted fret markers have worn away. The frets themselves are OK. The neck is a V-shape, which is typical of a 1930’s archtop. The body has some wear to the paint, but there are no splits or structural issues. The paint is mostly coming off on the sides where the lower bout has been rubbing in the case. The ornate purfling looks great and the binding is good. For a 1930’s vintage guitar, I’m not asking a lot. These are pretty rare and they are only going up in value. At least you can enjoy playing this one too. Rex Aragon 1930s vintage archtop. Please come along and try it. I will look at PART EXCHANGE on this lovely instrument. Unaltered guitars, vintage drums and valve amps are very welcome.

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