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Juan Perfumo, Cadiz, 1853. Small body guitar Extremely rare example

Juan Perfumo, Cadiz, 1853. Small body guitar Extremely rare example

Rare Juan Perfumo small body guitar, Cadiz, 1853, original headstock This is an extremely rare and original Terz guitar from 1853. It was made by the influential Cadiz school Guitarerro, Juan Perfumo. Perfumo was heavily influenced by Antonio de Torres, as was Miguel Coto and Francisco Guerra Flores. However, Perfumo’s guitars were more refined. Many of the Cadiz guitars had their headstocks altered for Northern European taste by re-fitting a Panormo-style slotted headstock and side tuners. This guitar is very rare as it retains the original headstock. I can only find evidence of one other Juan Perfumo in existence with the original headstock. In addition, it is believed that there are only 12 Perfumo guitars left in existence, making this very original guitar very rare. It dates from 1853. It is beautifully crafted and ready to be played. The neck is good. The action is good, at a fraction over 3mm at the 12th. It has had professional repairs. The guitar retains the original finish. The bridge has been re-fitted at some point and you can see feint evidence of work around the bridge. On the underside, there is a large block that the bridge is connected to. This not original, but has clearly been added to prevent any further issues on the sound board in this area. The label reads: Hecha en Cadiz Por Juan Perfumo, Calle de San Miguel, esquino al la Cuesta de la Murga, num 25.  Ano 1853 The sound board is made from Spruce with three repairs. The sound hole is decorated with a large double rosette in Mother-of-Pearl. All of the decoration is intact. All of the stringing is also in place. The back is book-matched with the typical 3 stripes of various fruitwoods. Inside the back, these stripes have been strengthened at some point. There is a very small amount of separation between the back and the bottom. When I say “small”, I mean very small. It doesn’t affect play at all. It’s just that I can see a tiny amount of light at one point when I look through the sound hole and hold the bottom to light. The sides are very thin (at around 1mm). They have been lined with sheet music for additional strength.  This was likely done a very long time ago. The woods appear to be satinwood, banded with fruitwood. There is a repaired minor crack to the heel. The fingerboard and frets are in good condition. The nut measures 50mm wide and appears to be an original bone one. It is beautifully scalloped between the string grooves. The original headstock matches the back decoration. I’m not sure if the pegs are original but they are beautifully detailed and authentic in design.  
  • Length overall: 829mm
  • Scale length: 556mm
  • Length of back: 396mm
  • Upper bout width:211mm
  • Lower bout width: 257
  • Height of sides (at C bout): 86
  • Height of sides (at upper bout): 84mm
  • Height of sides (at lower bout): 90mm
  The sustain and projection are both excellent. It does not come with an original case. It is kept in a wooden case that has been made specifically for the guitar. It is filled with one piece of foam that is cut perfectly to retain the guitar.

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