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Japanese Jazz Bass lawsuit era 1970s Aria 1540

Japanese Jazz Bass lawsuit era 1970s Aria 1540


Japanese Jazz bass Lawsuit era, Matsumoku made, 1970’s. Possibly Aria 1540 / Conrad In the 1970’s there were so many companies in Japan that made their version of the Fender Jazz bass. We know this one was made in Matsumoku because the neck plate has their “tell-tale” statement “Steel adjustable neck” and of course, it states “Made in Japan”. Considering that this Jazz Bass was made in Japan in the 1970’s, I’m not asking a lot for it. This guitar was hard to research the brand because someone has chosen to make it look even more like the Fender version by changing the decal on the headstock. It’s not a Fender Jazz Bass! (It would have “Made in Japan” on a decal at the back of the neck near the pocket. From my research, this is either an Aria 1540 with the standard 34” scale. Or, it’s a Conrad Jazz bass which I believe were made in the same place as the Aria’s. The bound and blocked Rosewood neck is closest to these 2 models. However, this Jazz bass has been upgraded. The Pups have been changed and some considerable bling has been added. The tuners are now gold coloured, as are the pick guard screws together with the new bridge. I have advertised this Japanese Jazz Bass as an Aria 1540 but if you believe it’s something else, I’d be pleased to hear from you. The w-b-w scratch plate is the same as the original Fender Jazz bass and the control knobs match the era and Fender’s. There is a truss rod which is adjusted at the body-end. Surprisingly, the neck is straight. Condition: The headstock is clear of any major chips. In fact it’s in very good condition. The back of the neck has a small mark half way down. The Rosewood fingerboard is in good condition, much like the Pearloid blocks and the frets. The body has a few scratches. These are mostly on the edges and there is evidence of light buckle rash but the paint is not worn away. Scale: 34” Nut width: 39.7mm Action: Super low!   It plays very nicely and offers that 70’s vibe that people pay over £2k for when buying the original article. Buy this one. It’s a very good 1970’s version. It’s much cheaper and has loads of Mojo.

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