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CBS Masterworks acoustic guitar

CBS Masterworks acoustic guitar


CBS Masterworks acoustic guitar Model G38, Made in Japan, 1970’s.   Here’s an unusual one. There’s seemingly nothing available on this particular model, the “G38”. It has a beautiful rich tone and is well made. As you can see from the images, the CBS Masterworks label has been applied over another label, also ststing "made in japan". The other label also says “Made in Japan”. This ties-in with the fact that Kazuo Yairi made the CBS guitars for Fender in Japan. I haven’t peeled the CBS label off, so I have no idea of what the label says underneath. A bit of history: Leo Fender sold his company to CBS Broacasting Co in 1965. CBS Masterworks guitars were made by Fender in Japan before they revealed that they were making an overseas product. Most of this went on in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Few were made. They were made to a high standard and are pretty rare today. Fender went on to produce their “F” series guitars in the same factory. Kazuo Yairi got involved because he worked for Guild, which was acquired by Fender. About the guitar: If you search hard, you will come across various CBS Masterworks models. Almost all of them appear to be of higher quality than this one as they may have a carved headstock, or gold tuners, or a book-matched back. It doesn’t have “M W” etched into the back inside the sound hole (just above the label). The bottom line with this guitar is that it sounds superb. The quality is there, but it’s more subtle.

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