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Casio Midi MG 510 electric guitar, Made in Japan.

Casio Midi MG 510 electric guitar, Made in Japan.

Casio Midi MG 510 electric guitar, Made in Japan. This Casio Midi MG 510 guitar is in excellent condition. It has clearly been looked after. It’s a very rare guitar. Most have been altered. This one hasn’t. So, if you’re looking for a 1980’s Midi guitar, Made in Japan, with a built in synth then this is a good one to have. I’ve tested everything apart from the Midi function and it all works. I don’t have the leads to test the Midi functions. However, the auto-tune option does work. The black body is in excellent shape. It doesn’t have any nasty scratches. There is one small lacquer chip close to the end strap pin. It’s small and is less than 1cm. The Scratch plate shows some light scratches. The Rosewood fingerboard and the frets are almost unmarked. The headstock is nice and clean. It’s free of any chips and has the original tuners. The back plate has been replaced. This Casio Midid MG 510 guitar retains the original knobs and tremolo bar. One of the switches has been slightly bent. It still works. The back of the neck is fast and smooth. The neck pocket is free from any cracks. I have not been able to test the Midi system, so this guitar is being sold as if it doesn’t work. However, on the basis that the rest of the guitar has been very well cared for, I expect you’ll be in for a nice surprise. As I mentioned earlier, the auto tuner works and the electronics switch between “Guitar” and “Midi”. So if you can get the leads, you’ll have a bargain Midi guitar. The guitars were manufactured for Casio by Fuji Gen Gakki. This was the factory which is responsible for some of the best guitars to ever come out of the east. The following features and specifications are from the Casio Midi MG 510 guitar, 1987 Catalogue info:
  • Body: strat shaped alder body
  • Neck: maple
  • Fingerboard: rosewood with 22 frets
  • Pickups: Single coil (PS-581A) X 2, humbucker (PH-641A) X 1
  • Tremolo: synchronized tremolo unit
  • Guitar controls: volume, tone and 5 position selector switch.
  • Preset tone/MIDI controls: Preset tone volume, octave up key, octave
  • down key. chromatic key, program keys (1-8), micro switches (1-10).
  • MIDI out message: Program change, basic channel (1-16), mode 3 (poly), mode 4 (poly), velocity and pitch bend.
  • Electronic tuner: Tuning indicators (sharp or flat), standard pitch (440,441,442,443 Hz)
  • Inputs/outputs: guitar out, preset tone out, MIDI out, DC 9V
  • Power: 6 AA batteries or AC adapter. Consumption 2W.
  • Dimensions: 1000 x 322 x 71 mm
  • Weight: 3.9 kg
  • Standard accessories: batteries, guitar cord x 2, tremolo arm, wrench x 2.
  • Optional accessories: soft case (SC-75G), hard case (HC-51G), RAM card (RA-500), AC adaptor (AD-5).
  Chromatic Function (if it works) The MG-510 features a chromatic performance function which allows incredibly realistic emulations of chromatic instruments such as keyboards or vibes. With the chromatic function OFF, the MG-510 responds to bends and slides just like a normal guitar, but switch the it ON and the pitch of preset synth sounds bends up or down chromatically. Synchronized Tremolo Unit. From the slightest singing vibrato to the most outrageous growls and screeches, the MG-510 gives you precision control over string bends thanks to a built-in synchronized tremolo unit. Multiple Outputs The MG-510 can be connected directly to an amp for solo performance, or use II as a MIDI master controller by connecting it to other MIDI sound sources or devices.

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