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60s Vintage Kay Univox pre-Effector single cut Les Paul style guitar

60s Vintage Kay Univox pre-Effector single cut Les Paul style guitar


60s Vintage Kay Univox pre-Effector single cut Les Paul style guitar I’m sure there’s someone out in “Internet Land” who will recognise this model. I’ve spent hours researching it and come up blank. So… Here goes with a simple description. I have to say that I’m happy to keep it in my collection as it’s very unusual and has some effects a bit like a cut-down version of the Univox / Kay Effector only without as many switches. It has a 9v Battery compartment in the back which is similar to the Effector. This runs some electrical wizardry. The vintage Kay Univox Effector was a rip-off of the Gibson Les Paul Recording Here are the areas that are similar to the Univox / Kay Effector:
  • Headstock is bound and has the same diamond logo
  • The tuners are the same as early models
  • The neck is also bound and has Pearloid block markers (The second block marker appears to be a replacement)
  • The pickups are the same as early models. They also have the same black pickup surrounds.
  • The bridge arrangement
  • The body binding (top and bottom) together with the purfling
  • It’s a Single Cut, Les Paul style, Solid Body
  • The 9v battery compartment
The differences between this guitar and the Effector:
  • The panel is less complex
Overall, this is a very interesting vintage Les Paul Style guitar. It’s probably from the late 1960’s. The body is solid Mahogany (as opposed to the cheaper Japanese ones at that time) and it’s heavy. The Body has a Maple cap which has been hand-brushed with lacquer. You don’t see it from any distance, but you can if you inspect it close up. The body has a pronounced hump where the bridge is positioned. This is part of the design and the action is great. I mention it because the body is a different shape to most Les Paul copies that I’ve had. The neck, frets and fingerboard are in good shape. Hence, the good action. It also has a truss rod. How does it play? Great. The back of the neck is smooth. The pickups still work well. You have 2 x Volume and 1 x Tone. Then the controls get interesting. You have 2 x micro switches. They seem to be Kill Switches for the individual pickups. The top Gold Speed Knob is actually an On/Off switch for the pickups together with a Master Volume. One of the other Speed Knobs also controls volume. I presume the other one is for Tone. The Ali Knob is attached to a different type of Pot. Presumably, this gives you effects. I have plugged it in and can get a variety of sounds. Please see the image showing the underside of the control panel. You’ll see some kind of processor board. If you’re as confused as I am, and would like to come and play the guitar before buying, just get in touch. If you’re a vintage Kay / Univox collector, I’d say this one ought to be in your collection. It’s that unusual. If you’re a player and like that 60’s vintage Les Paul sound with some extras, well here’s your chance to have a good player with extra tonal toys.

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