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1970s Japanese acoustic guitar Denia G50

1970’s Japanese Denia G50 acoustic guitar

1970’s Japanese Denia G50 acoustic guitar This Japanese vintage acoustic has a beautiful light tone. It has a tight, straight grained top with some very neat purfling. The back and sides appear to be solid but I can’t be sure. The neck is mahogany with a rosewood fingerboard. The decoration carries right thorough with matching pattern on the bridge, sound hole and the headstock facia. This is something that you would expect from a good quality 1970’s Japanese luthier. Condition: The headstock is missing a small amount of rosewood capping. The inline tuners are aged, but they all work well and have the original fancy pegs. The string rollers are without cracks. The neck is good. The action is about 3.5mm but there at least another 2mm that can be trimmed from the saddle if you prefer it lower. The frets and fingerboard are in good condition. The neck is free from splits and is still well attached to the body. The body has light scratches and 3 or 4 dings that haven’t damaged the lacquer. When the strings are in full tension, the soundboard remains flat and the bridge is well attached. Overall, this is a beautiful guitar that produces the kind of sound that you should expect from a good mid-range 1970’s Japanese acoustic. Come and try it.

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