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1964 Vintage Hofner Senator Bass in great condition

1964 Vintage Hofner Senator Bass in great condition

1964 Vintage Hofner Senator Bass in great condition If you’ve been waiting for one of the very best Vintage Hofner Senator basses to come up for sale at a sensible price, then this is your chance. I will look at PART EXCHANGE on this lovely instrument. Unaltered guitars, vintage drums and vale amps are very welcome. This 1964 version is fitted with a truss rod. Consequently, the neck is good and the action is excellent. It plays beautifully, with a deep “woody” sound. The controls are simple enough with knobs for Volume and Tone. They retain the original pointers under the knobs. This bass is in great shape. The body has very few marks and the top & bottom bindings are intact. The top is beautifully flamed under the Sunburst finish. The F-Holes are bound too. This guitar HAS NOT been re-finished. It has just had a good clean. There are a few minor marks on the sides and some light scratches on the back near the bottom (shown in the images). The only thing that is missing is the Tortoise shell cap to the neck heel. The fingerboard is very good, with minimal signs of wear. The headstock has the correct Vintage Hofner Senator bass inlaid logo for the year. The “Hofner” emblem is on the scratch guard. The tuners are original. The bridge pickup is correct for a 1964 bass. When Hofner produced these in the late 1950’s, they were known by their European model number, the 500/3. When Selmer of the UK got involved, they introduced the “Senator” name to match the archtop guitar. At this point, the old control plate was dropped in favour of the surface mounted controls that you see on this model. The vintage Hofner Senator bass is a thing of beauty and is something that any bassist ought to have in their collection. I have a home-made wooden case that came with the guitar. It will be supplied with the bass. Colours in the images: When photographed with the black background, the colours are enhanced. I have included images with a cream carpet. These better represent the actual colours of the bass.

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