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1930s Vintage Radiotone jazz archtop guitar with original hard case

1930s Vintage Radiotone jazz archtop guitar with original hard case

1930s Vintage Radiotone jazz archtop guitar with original hard case This Radiotone jazz archtop guitar is the 7812 Model. Like many 1930s guitars, it was based on the Gibson L5. I had one of these rare guitars just a few weeks ago. I never thought I would be lucky enough to see another one. Radiotone, Avalon and Coletti guitars were all made in the mid to late 1930’s in a place called Schönbach in the Czech Republic. I have an Avalon that looks very similar to this one. This Radiotone archtop guitar sounds fantastic. It has a lovely depth to it, with good highs and very good sustain. This guitar has seen some life. It has a few knocks, which have been shown in the images. There is a heavy graze on the front at the top left. On the right shoulder (side) there is a graze and a split. The split is stable. It doesn’t move and doesn’t affect the sound. At the base of the guitar there is an unusual change to the original finish. The lacquer has become rough. It will polish out but won’t disappear unless you get the guitar re-finished. The neck does show some slight warp, but that’s to be expected for a guitar that’s this age. I have shown an image of the action measurement at the 12th Fret. It shows approximately 4mm. It’s still very playable though. The body is made from hand carved solid timbers with a Spruce top and beech sides and back. The beautiful grain shows through the two tone sunburst colour. The unbound headstock is period-correct and retains the Radiotone name and logo with inset Mother of Pearl. The finger board is in good condition and has block Mother of Pearl inlays. The neck is bound and matches the body. The back of the neck has a lovely smooth finish. The original tuners are retained. They are stunning and all work well as I have taken them apart and serviced them. The pick guard is different to the other Radiotone that I had. This one has a tortoise shell version with a beautiful matching tortoise shell fixing. Overall, this Radiotone jazz archtop is a lovely guitar. Its history is one thing, but it’s the way that it sounds that shines. Supplied with the original archtop hard case which has some wear. The leather handle is only just attached by one fixing.

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