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We buy old guitars for cash

We buy old guitars for cash.

We are always looking for more used instruments.

In particular, we need more guitars. We specialise in Vintage and Re-Issue guitars. Get that old guitar down from your attic and let us appraise it.

Funds are always available for the right instrument and we make the time to offer a personal service of the highest quality, ensuring your sale is easy and stress free.

We also buy other instruments. Talk to us if you have an old amp, pedal, or an interesting instrument.

Collections bought: Occasionally, we are approached to buy an entire collection. Perhaps someone was left them and don’t want to bother with selling each one individually. We will make you an offer for the entire collection. We will pay in cash and remove them straight away.

Single instruments bought: Please let us know if you have an old guitar that you would like to sell.

Consignments sold: If you would like us to handle the sale of your guitar(s), without the need for us to buy them from you, we can sell them on your instructions.

Instruments bought for cashWhat to do next: Simply contact us by telephone, or use the form below. You will always get a response.




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