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A passion for vintage instruments.

This is the latest selection of Great Vintage Items to be added to our site. We mainly offer vintage guitars, ranging from 60s to 80s electric guitars through to 19th Century parlour guitars.

Because we offer to exchange some of our vintage items, we invariably take in items that are not vintage guitars. These are usually vintage instruments or cases and they can vary from folk through to classical.

We are especially keen on vintage valve amps. If you are interested in any of our Great Vintage Items, and you have something to exchange, please contact us.


Customer comments

  • Yes my burns marquee guitar has arrived a day early, It was 'Very' well packedEdward, UK: Burns Marquee electric guitar
  • Trés bon vendeur, clair, honnete et tenant compte des questions qu'on lui posePhillipe, France: electric guitar
  • great better than i expectedDarren, UK: French horn
  • tasty gear ++++++ great commms +++++++thank you for super dealBart, UK: Vintage electro-acoustic bass
  • A1 great item,coolHarry, UK: A superb little 1930s Harmony
  • Whatever did I do to deserve such a quality guitar at such a silly price. I feel very guilty and very grateful. Your description of the guitar was so very honest, and your packaging deserves an award of some sort. I am delighted my friend. I have been buying and selling guitars on eBay for longer than I care to remember, and this acquisition tops the lots. Thank you so very much.John, UK: Aria Elecord
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